Thursday, 26 September 2013

Back Home.

Hi everyone, just back this week from our holiday in France.  We had a lovely time although weather was not very good but hey oh it did not stop us enjoying ourselves.  We stayed with some friends in their French farmhouse in a place called Poursac in the Charente region.  I found a craft shop quite a bit away but unfortunately it was closed for two weeks holiday.  We then found a lovely gift shop with a tearoom owned by an English couple. We stopped and had coffee and lovely homemade cakes.
It's such a big country that to get anywhere it could take you quite sometime.  I enjoyed visiting a number of French Chateaus and a particularly poignant visit was to Oradour-sur-Glane.  It was a town that was obliterated on the 10th June 1944 after D Day by the Germans. It has been left just as the tragedy happened as a living memory for people to see.  We spent about 4 hours going around the town and visited the cemetery where all the remains of the inhabitants are situated.  It was extremely sad to see so much devastation.  I bought a book which accounts for all that happened to destroy the town on this date.  As we both came out we felt as if we carried out some of their sorrow.  Whole families including many children died on this day. It is worth reading about it and I am sure there will be details of it on the internet somewhere.
However on a lighter note the workshop on Saturday was enjoyed by everyone and here are a couple of cards made by Claire.  Also I will post a photograph of Saint Malo which is a very pretty port in France.